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This is not some e-book download! This is a real product with tremendous real value.

This does not involve “social compliance”. This is REAL hypnosis that WORKS because this is the way the human brain and mind are designed to work. (When you know how to hypnotize - which you WILL learn here!)

This is not some “get rich quick” scheme. This 4 DVD course teaches you how to hypnotize either one-on-one or a group so (if you want to) you can do shows for BIG BUCKS. Or heck, maybe you're like me and you just want to do this at bars or parties.
What this course is NOT:
This is a brand new Four DVD set will teach you the slam-dunk, "for sure", PROVEN skills you need to hypnotize one person or a whole group...
Here Is What You Will Discover
In This Astonishing Course:
This “turn-key” DVD set gives you proven techniques, proven phrases, proven step-by-step instructions, proven everything you need to hypnotize someone or a whole group!
That's just a small sample of what you'll find in this course. It gives you the exact roadmap you need to hypnotize people and - if you want to - to do Hypnosis Shows for real money. This course gives you an almost unfair advantage over everyone else trying to make it in this business!
But here’s the point:

If you've been looking for a quick and easy way to learn hypnosis for fun or to get into a highly profitable home-based business that you can run in your spare time, this letter will tell you all about it – and you will simply love it.

This skill can provide you with a large enough income -- an income so big that you can quit your present job if you'd like, and live life as you please! You are going to love this!
Now if all this sounds good to you, you must read on; because your life is about to change completely for the better!

It's important to understand that the skill (and business) I've just described is not a fantasy. And it's not magic (although it seems like magic!). What it is, is the normal life of a person who can successfully hypnotize.

No doubt, you've already heard about this skill and you've probably read stories and seen videos of people who have had a blast and made fortunes in hypnosis. And it's true, fortunes have been made and are still being made in hypnosis.

But for most people, it's not the enormous income potential that attracts them to this business... it's the lifestyle. Let me explain:

You see, with most skills, success means having to become a "slave" to the learning process. This is especially true with skills that pay well and are actually fun to practice.

And you know, quite honestly, for a lot of people becoming a slave to learning their skill is really not a problem. They don't seem to mind having to study and work at it everyday.

They don't mind being tied to a computer or DVD or book and all the rest just to convince them selves they're “good enough”. The fact is, it's easier to “pretend to be learning hypnosis” than to actually go out there and take shot at it!

But for a select few, life is too short to become a slave to “pretending to learn more”. Especially when there is a less complicated, less risky, and far easier way to learn hypnosis!

And, that's what this DVD set is all about – learning hypnosis for fun or earning a good income while enjoying a great lifestyle! With this skill, you are the master. You call the shots. And you have the freedom to enjoy your skill and your success.
This is a skill that people will pay dearly for! They LOVE these shows!

Bill routinely charges over half a grand for a 45 minute comedy hypnosis show!

And his clients don’t bat an eye at the cost. Truth is he could raise his prices and the clients would still LOVE his shows!
So, what does it take to
successfully learn hypnosis?
1.They have an instructor who knows hypnosis like the back of his hand and actually make his full time living as a hypnotist!

This is not some mail-order diploma mill. (Why take a course from the same place that offers to teach you Veterinary Medicine? - Do you really think you can become a Veterinarian through some mail order course?)

2.They have SOLID instructional material.

Course materials that teach clearly and thoroughly on one watching and that they can refer to at anytime they want as their experience level grows.

3.They have confidence in their instructor.

This means the instructional materials and instructor are PROVEN and not some theory written in an e-book by some wanna-be who's never been there or done that!
You get the whole package for only
As a matter of fact, a lot of people feel hypnosis is the "ultimate" skill to have.
Maybe it's because of all these great benefits:
This has low start-up costs... anyone can get started in it!

Hypnosis offers high profits and low risks which means more money in your pocket!

There is no inventory to buy or to worry about. You don't need a store front or office... which would cost you hundreds of dollars a month just to keep up and running! You can operate this business from anywhere in the world!!!

And best of all, success in hypnosis means you can spend your time however you want! Spend it with your loved ones, traveling the world, enjoying your hobbies, or just living the good life. The choice is totally up to you!

Bottom line: The course (which I developed for free!) cost the students $433 PLUS text books! (And believe me, the school got all that money, not me!) Even worse than costing too much... I had to stretch out the material to last all quarter long even though I could have taught it in just one afternoon!
So here it is: In one afternoon, I can teach you how to hypnotize one person or an entire stage full of people!
Why take a course with 35 lessons? Or one that takes 9 months to complete? OR TWO YEARS! I’ve taken out the fluff. I’ve cut through the B.S.! I’ve removed all the lame e-book type information that real hypnotist know doesn’t work! Don’t fall for a course that is teaching you techniques that are theoretical, wrong or even dangerous! Yes, there is a ton of just flat out wrong information being sold as if it had some value!
The ONLY course with a "Double Guarnatee”!
You are the sole judge and jury with this course, "Stage Hypnosis Made Easy". You are completely protected by my no hassle, no questions askedDOUBLE Guarantee”. (Read on for more on that.) That means, you get a full 365 DAYS to use this course! If for any reason, or no reason at all, you want a refund anytime during the YEAR, just send back the DVDs, you get a full refund! That's right. If you're not thrilled you get you pay nothing! It's that simple. It’s that straight forward. You see, I believe that most people are honest and fair and won't take advantage of me and my offer. Plus, I know for a fact that this course works. There's no question about it. So why wouldn't I take all the risk?
Don’t get ANY Hypnosis Training Course
unless it meets these
four criteria...
Let's Wrap This Up
Stage Hypnosis Made Easy reveals the step-by-step method for performing a money making stage hypnosis show in no time flat!

We all know we should have multiple streams of Income and now you can! It’s time for you to make it happen.
You don’t need to pay $2,100 for a three day out-of-town course. You don’t need to take time off work or pay expensive airfare traveling and hotel expenses to learn these secrets. And you don’t need to spend $900 for a “course” that will take you 60 hours or more to complete (if you can even find that kind of time!).

I am positive that you can use
Stage Hypnosis Made Easy to put money in your pocket, maybe even create a small fortune and dramatically improve the quality of your life. Everything is described in this easy to master course so you can copy what Master Hypnotists all over the world are doing and...
"I was able to successfully put a subject under on my first try."
- Erik, From Amazon Review. (Read more from Erik below.)
"One of the best investments I've made recently."
- Rory R., Ohio
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Secure Payment with PayPal!
The important stuff.
He teaches the importance of rapport, the pre-talk, suggestibility test, pattern interrupts, embedded commands, post hypnotic suggestions and more!
Why a classic “deepener” you may have learned elsewhere might actually BREAK a trance!
Bill even teaches a way of dealing with hecklers that is so sure-fire and so funny you’ll hope someone heckles you!
Buy with confidence because...
He teaches what hypnosis REALLY is.
What is a trance.
Bill teaches various inductions including rapid inductions
You get a show done in a way that makes learning quick and easy! Use these techniques and you're instantly a hypnotist.
You'll have this information in your head ready to hypnotize anytime, anywhere.
It's never going to get any easier than this to lean hypnosis and (if you want) do shows for big money!
What size groups are best for your shows.
What people to bring up on stage. (This may surprise you!)
Who not to bring onto stage.
What to do if a cell phone rings.
Well, in most cases, the people who are successful
three things going for them:
If you've got these three things going for you,
your chances of learning to hypnotize are pretty darn good.
In fact, I
guarantee you'll learn it!

So, the big questions are:
"Where do I get this instructor?"

"Where do I find the information?" And...

"How do I get the confidence?"
The four DVD set “Stage Hypnosis Made Easy” gives you everything you need to hypnotize for a ton of fun and (if you want) for BIG money in your own successful hypnosis show business, in hours – not days or weeks!

With this
proven product, you will be hypnotizing people in no time flat!

You get all the right ingredients -- the "recipe" you need for total success in hypnosis! The entire process is pretty simple... here's all you have to do:

First, you need to get this DVD set.

Then, after you watch it just once, you begin hypnotizing people using whatever parts of this training NATURALLY STICK IN YOU MIND. You will process and keep exactly the portions of this training you deeply know you need the most!

Or, since you own this training course outright, review it again if you want to, but I would highly suggest you just go out and do it! At a party, on the street or anywhere.

After your first successful induction (and I'll supply you with the
exact phrases to use for both the pre-talk and the induction) your life will never be the same! Period!

And finally, (
this is the fun part!) after you do this just once (okay, some guys say twice) you'll have the confidence to do this anytime you want!

One of my favorite success stories is Erik who (at a fair – next to the noisy roller coaster!) had rented a spot to sell magic tricks. Sales were slow, so when he was asked if he did anything besides magic tricks, he said yeah, that he's a hypnotist.

Erik had watched the DVD set “Stage Hypnosis Made Easy”, he followed what it said to say and
knocked out his first subject cold! He had her talking into her shoe as if it was a cell phone!

So that's it... That's all there is to it -- it really is that simple when you use Stage Hypnosis Made Easy.

When you order Stage Hypnosis Made Easy you'll own the fastest and easiest way to learn hypnosis for one on one or stage hypnosis. And this is
ALL you need!

There are no on-going membership fees. No more DVDs to buy later.

You can make money from this skill whenever you'd like -- for as long as you'd like -- there are absolutely no strings attached, and no restrictions on how you use you new skill.
"Stage Hypnosis Made Easy"
I was going to charge between $550 and $900 for this DVD set, just like everyone else charges for their DVD training.

But... well... it didn’t turn out as “pretty” as I wanted. Now, don’t get me wrong... the CONTENT is GREAT! The information is PRIMO! Bill really knows his stuff and can teach it like the pro he is.

It’s just that the videography is less than I had hoped for. But that means you can “legally steal” this $900 information from me for a fraction of that!
How much should this cost?
Did I mention the folks who attended this seminar paid $550 a seat to be there?!?! And they still got a great deal because that didn’t have to pay the standard price of $2,100 for the training. They didn’t have to take 3 days off work, pay for a flight to Las Vegas (where these courses are usually taught). PLUS you have the DVDs to review anytime you want!

Of course, if you want “pretty” you can always get the “pretty” course from the other guys, but if you just need the rock solid information, the how-to you can start using today without the fluff and extra babble of a “pretty” course, then this is for you.

You see, I spent WAAAAY too much time concentrating on the information and the teaching side of this project and just figured the video side would work itself out. That means you get an awesome, info packed guide that allows you to start hypnotizing from day one without the killer price tag that SHOULD be on this DVD set!

That’s why this course, that should be $550 to $900, is only $197!
The point is you WILL learn to hypnotize or
100% Money Back Guarantee!
You get this $550.00 package
for only $197
P.S. - Remember you are 100% protected by my Complete
No-Questions-Asked Satisfaction GUARENTEE! So Order Now before this amazing DVD set sells out again!
"Great DVD's."
- B. Fisher, On-Line Purchaser
All I can say is WOW! It really is that simple!
These dvd's spell it out so anyone can become a hypnotist.
The information on these dvd's is explained very well,I was able to successfully put a subject under on my first try.
I would recommend this dvd set to anyone wanting to get into stage hypnosis."
- Erik (Review from Amazon)
You cannot find this content anywhere else. Bill takes you through everything you need from start to finish. What I learned from Bill on these DVDs enabled me to actually start
hypnotizing people out in the real world."
- Mike N., Columbus Ohio (Review from Amazon.)
More Praise For This Powerhouse Course:
Press play to see more.
1. The instructor must be certified to teach hypnosis. Bill is completely certified to teach not just stage hypnosis but even clinical hypnosis!

2. The instructor must be a full time, practicing hypnotist who makes his living doing hypnosis. Of course Bill is a full time pro.

3. The trainer must charge so much money (around $500 an hour or more for private sessions) that you know he can teach you how to be so good you can be pulling in the big bucks stage hypnosis show charge! Bill routinely charges $500 / hour for private sessions and way more than that for stage shows!

4. Finally, the DVD training course must offer a
full 100% UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE. Check it out...
Our Exclusive Guarantees:
Only our DVD course offers this unique,
better-than-money-back, DOUBLE GUARANTEE.
First Guarantee:
Get this course and take 60 days (two full months!) to see how quickly you learn these skills and make money booking shows. If you aren’t completely 100% satisfied, simply return the four volume DVD course and keep the free bonus as my way of saying thank you for trying this course.

Second Guarantee:
Take ten more months (a year total!) and if you don’t earn at least 10 times the money you invested to get this course, send back the DVDs for a full and complete refund and still you get to keep the free bonus!
I could go on and on... AND I DO in this kick-butt, no fluff course...
"Great Product... Highly Recommended."
- J. Kenedy, On-Line Purchaser
In fact, you get the exact pre-talk Bill uses. This is your pre-talk script! (Many hypnotist say this is the most important element to success!)
That means you learn to hypnotize or you pay nothing!
But don't take my word for it...